Why casino gambling considered a bad thing?

Yes, it is true that casino gambling can be harmful to an individual’s lifestyle because it is an attractive concept which can make an individual attractive towards it. Most of the elders consider gambling at a casino is a bad thing, but it is not so. We are no one to judge anything that it is wrong or right, but it is up to us that how we play and for what we are playing it. Are you the one who want to know that why people consider it as a bad thing. The post is not made to claim that gambling is bad but just want to let the people know that why it is bad.


It is obvious that when we find happiness at any place, then we will move towards it. Gambling helps in making one happy because it will provide money to them. It can make an individual attractive towards it because it will create greediness in mind. When people win the game, then he will desire to play more to earn more profit which will take him towards loss also. But still, he will play in the hope of winning which is his addiction to the game.

Lifestyle change

Suppose that you are living a happy and wealthy life, but when you start gambling, then it is not compulsory that you will win only. There are equal chances of winning as well as of loosing also. If you will play the game and lose the game, then it will lead to change your lifestyle completely in the wrong manner.

Drinking habits

In the casinos, most of the people used to drink and those people who don’t drink also get in touch with this bad habit. There are many chances for them to get in touch with the drinking habits which are not good for their health and for their family also.


There is no doubt in it that gambling is made to entertainment and it is made to reduce the level of stress in the body. But when people start gambling much and face continue loss, then it will lead to creating stress in their mind.

You can do gambling because it is not a bad thing but make sure that you will not play with the money making intentions.